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Make your own wife feel really special on the day of her golden birthday celebration. While one cannot escape the fact that being 50 represents middle age, your wife doesn’t need to feel terrible about it if you can get her the correct birthday present. The suitable gift will make her consider the 50 years as an incredible journey in life.


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All these frames can be tinted with any color. In addition, there are plastic Ray Ban Eyeglass Frames that are equally popular especially among women and children. This too can be availed in different colors and prints.

But not to be overshadowed by the Viacom deal, I would also like to highlight the Random House lease renewal, which unto itself, tips the scales as one of the largest lease transactions in New York City in the past 6 months. The deal with Random House was truly one of those win win situations, whereby Random House will be able to rightsize their space needs and achieve densification while remaining in their world class headquarter building at 1745 Broadway. For us, the lease extension allowed us to put away for term the base of the building while maintaining the opportunity to lease the upper half of the building in 2018 and achieve the then market rents.

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