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Separately, I also think many people write in with questions because they don know if some of these things are normal or if there is a “trick” to treat. For instance, I get huge spikes in BG when I ride the metro. If I take dramamine beforehand I don Is it bad for me to share that info with someone rather than tell them to go to an endo Because you know what, when I did go to an endo they didn suggest dramamine.

Many place name adjectives and many demonyms refer also to various other things, sometimes with and sometimes without one or more additional words. (Sometimes, the use of one or more additional words is optional.) Notable examples are buy salvatore ferragamo womens shoes cheeses, cat breeds, dog breeds, and horse breeds. (See List of words derived from toponyms.)


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A few years ago, Rayban changed the style to really make it more appropriate for today’s Wayfarer wearing generation. Coinciding with the recent elevated curiosity about retro, the redesign has again increased sales for what has already been regarded the best selling shades in recent history. The recognition growth has been involved with how designer sunglasses have been made available to a bigger market.

All this information that people like Stefen are regurgitating are from the speakers at SFATA and the experts on shows like Smoke Free Radio ( Azim Chowdhury). Those are the sources. If you dont want to listen to them, then dont listen to those shows.

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