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“I was just standing by a guard rail it a location anyone can go to. I only took three or four frames but when I looked at them a couple of months later at my studio in New York I was fascinated. So these are places which mean something to me in quite diverse ways.


In addition, the size of motorcycle sunglasses can not be too big and weight is better not to be ferragamo mens wingtip shoes too heavy, or else, they will make people feel some strains while driving. Only if we have the proper size and weight of sunglasses, drivers can feel more comfortable to drive. Concerning the size of motorcycle sunglasses, please do not forget to select the one suitable for helmet size.


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I got clocked speeding in an area of Montreal with an 18 mph speed limit (that I didn’t know about). I got a ticket and was sent on my way. As a US citizen and resident, I have questions about what impact (if any) this ticket will have on my license, insurance, and if I choose not to pay the ticket my ability to return to Canada.

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I was riding on an Interstate highway with a sustained speed of 65 70 mph when I heard a single loud “bang” that seem to originate from the lower engine/transmission case (similar to an object hitting the lower engine/drive train housing that was kicked up from the front wheel). There were no other unusual noises or indications of engine problems so I continued traveling on the interstate highway. About 50 miles later (35 40 min.

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