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This is where Marni India comes into picture as they not only offer you a wide range of tribal and ethnic jewelleries, they also bring to you paintings which have been done in that primeval era and have been replicated by a modern artist. Global brands like Dipty . This is more prevalent in the field of art and craft or designing where the craftsmanship at the grass root level is celebrated by the modern designers or artists but infused with their futuristic ideas and passions.

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So, you could try to use a higher resolution ADC (I think you can find up to 24 bit ADCs, but at 14 bit ADC should be more than sufficient). Or, you can try changing the reference voltage of the ADC (to maybe 200 mV). Or, you can use an op amp to multiply this voltage.


I know you said that you were looking for an even mix of men and women, but when I was younger I really enjoyed the HerStory books, which were short biographies of lesser known Canadian women along with some bigger names. A preliminary Amazon search doesn’t come up with anything at first glance, but it does show this book, edited by Gloria Steinem that contains biographies of the lives of numerous (international!) ladies. It is for ages 11 but it sounds like your niece might be able to handle it 🙂


Can someone explain to me why no one can see it yet only me or have you noticed this happen to you I feel as though I wasting my time answering questions and no one will be able to read my answer anyways so why bother. Below is my response to the question but it doesn show up yet. I just don know what is going on.

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