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Try to remember most of the night, make sure you drink a glass of water and eat something before bed, keep a bucket handy if you worried about throwing up. IF you get turbo drunk, then make sure someone is on hand to make sure you don pass out and choke on your own vomit, as that an all round bad thing. Have fun and happy birthday!.


You will typically hear them referred to as some decimal number, say a 5.4, as in the case of today’s temblor. Anything less than about a 3.0 or so is too small to feel. This is the Richter Scale, ( further explained at the USGS website). Translation: Swim 100 meters/yard (that two laps) continuously at a speed that feels hard but manageable. Rest for 20 seconds. Repeat 15 times.

Howeverrr, from that point onwards I have wavered and dabbled and not really achieved much of anything. I am now 35 and all I’ve done is dead end jobs. I’m not necessarily miserable (I have little ambition), but that might not be what you have in mind for yourself.

Nothing feels better than spending your money on a prized designer item that you had been eyeing for quite some time. Sunglasses have become an essential fashion accessory that is offered by many popular designer brands. These shades are synonymous with style and fashion and can help you to complete your look.


Leather driving gloves are also popular because they look fashionable and are able to keep a woman hands warm. Although leather driving gloves may not be as popular among ordinary car drivers as professional racecar drivers, some people still wear them as an accessory especially for cars without a non slip steering wheel, although many cars today come equipped with non slip steering wheels. Driving gloves may now be offered in a variety of different fabrics, but leather driving gloves still prove to be a popular choice among the ladies.


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