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A little closer to modern democracy were the Cossack republics of Ukraine in the 16th 17th centuries: Cossack Hetmanate and Zaporizhian Sich. The highest post the Hetman was elected by the representatives from the country’s districts. Because these states were very militarised, the right to participate in Hetman’s elections was largely restricted to those who served in the Cossack Army and over time was curtailed effectively limiting these rights to higher army ranks.


Putting on ShoesNevertheless, zippers or not, there is still the matter of putting on your shoes, once you’ve fetched them from your handy dandy rack. Who remembers shoehorns Right. Those little plastic spoon shaped affairs that usually got stuck between your foot and shoe, pinching your fingers in the process.

Perhaps you have performed this before and can be of some help. Thanks. SteveYou’ve aquired one of the finest machines out there. You can use the medium of canvas printing to display some of your most loved photos and pictures. You can even use canvas prints if you wanted to show off your own artwork to as you can basically print anything you like onto a canvas print. As long as you have a good enough and high resolution i .

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