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I know where it leads, however, I have never had the gal to travel its path. It leads to the beach, and frivolous, wasteful, and impractical people. It leads to the Mission District where artists hawk their wares and lie beneath full trees thinking about dreams and silly things.

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The final suggestion uses a different approach. It says that if you cut these training programs, the organization will actually lose money or some other much valued benefit. The two approaches, of course, are not mutually exclusive and can in fact work in tandem.

Perhaps most importantly, you will also want to help them understand that they ultimately have control over their lives and that allowing emotions to control decisions can be detrimental. As an investment banker, I once watched a deal unravel because the sellers were so emotional and volatile that the buyers simply lost confidence in their ability to manage the company going forward; they walked away from a deal that made every bit of sense the numbers. With a recovery ferragamo strappy sandals underway, it unlikely that life in business for organizations and for individuals is going to get any easier.

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