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Don’t let low prices scare you away; they can indeed be bought for 70% off retail. However, apply your own judgment and make sure you can contact the company and return the bag should you desire to do so. Read the descriptions, company information, etc.

The lenses used in these special glasses are of the finest materials and quality. Basically, it is all about the lenses when it comes to vision clarity and manufacturers never compromise on it. Usually lenses are made from finest plastic polycarbonate.

Both of these effects combined should give you a significant increase in speed certainly more than a 2% increase in speed. There are a few stoplights, and substantial vulnerability to wind on the flat trail, so I had to make several runs before I could make an honest comparison. I hardly ever ride in the drops, so yes, agreeing with the [deleted] comment, that would presumably account for some of the similarity in times on the two bikes.


Although Canada is a cold country, there is bright sunshine and you may need sunglasses to protect yourself and feel more comfortable. If you decide to buy your sunglasses after going there, there are a number of wholesale and retail traders who can sell you these glasses. Buying from a wholesaler/direct importer is a better option because you get a better price and service.


I’m looking for awesome ideas of fun stuff to bring and/or do. Drinking games, non drinking games, things we can cook or bake, challenges for the weekend, that sort of thing. I’m thinking pancakes, I’m thinking blanket fort. “Well, we just built you that bridge two years ago do you think you’re gonna get it for free now “) and who gets to retain ownership of certain properties and buildings.Not entirely insignificant is the problem of military spending and bases. What if you have a really kick ass port or airfield that’s located in a breakaway state Also, it seems to me that there could be a tendency for the new micro countries to say, “Heh, we don’t even NEED a military because our former brethren will always step up and protect us if we’re attacked.” And the former brethren might be resentful that the new country still wants to huddle under that military umbrella and get a free ride, to mix metaphors.Of course, there are exceptions. The breakup of Czechoslovakia went pretty well, as I recall.posted by Midnight Creeper at 12:19 PM on May 14, 2007The growth of trans national free trade zones (EU, NAFTA) has removed some of the appeal of being part of a larger national entity.

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