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In the presidential election of 1824, Andrew Jackson received a plurality, but not a majority, of electoral votes cast. The election was thrown to the of Representatives, and John Quincy Adams was elected to the presidency. A deep rivalry was fermented between Andrew Jackson and Speaker Henry Clay, who had also been a candidate in the election.


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We did lots of blood work (still have not heard results and it has been 3 days). And we have a repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks (the 15th). I am staying positive, as there was a strong heartbeat.

The luxury group continues to show sizzling sales growth, aided by the price increases high end sellers have pushed through to consumers. SA contributor Valuentum thinks the luxury space will remain resilient due to the brand equity and pricing power in the sector. Though Tiffany (NYSE:TIF) impressed with its smashing Q2 earnings report, Valuentum sees more value in aspirational handbag maker Coach (NYSE:COH) with its strong financial position and potential to turn around its North American business.

She died on 09 Mar 1765 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. She married John Benson (son of Joseph Benson and Sarah) on 04 Dec 1710 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. He was born in 1680 in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. He died on 30 May 1770 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. John Benson and Elizabeth Washburn had the following child:i. MERCY6 BENSON (daughter of John Benson and Elizabeth Washburn) was born in 1720 in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.

Strangely enough, like the chapattis which went all around India during the 1857 First War of Independence asking the nation drive away the British, it was 20 loaves of bread that started this so called RIN Mutiny. It was a reaction against the high handed behaviour by British officers of the RIN. On January 16, 1946, a contingent of 67 ratings of various branches arrived at Castle Barracks, Mint Road, in Fort Mumbai.

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