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Like fist fights. I know the name of the other main characters friend is America. The girl main character is the daughter of some famous poker (or maybe blackjack) player.

Tsunamis are apparently unlikely in San Francisco because the types of earthquakes that happen in the Pacific are not the kind pink ferragamo shoes that tend to produce tidal waves. But that’s another set of guidelines and survival things to be concerned about. Again, a hurricane is very unlikely to land in San Fransisco because of the conditions Ferragamo New Embossed Leather Tote Bag Black there, but it’s possible.

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A rocket failing produces as much energy as a small nuke going off. Imagine taking 130 tons of radioactive material and dispersing it with a small nuke The results would be horrendous. Even the best protection systems designed for only 5 pounds of material at a time fail when exposed to kiloton yield events, or when falling from the sky at orbital velocities.


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