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jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this TROPHY CASEI forgot to state the biggest factor: they had to press once they were down a goal. If they had done that earlier in the match, against a clearly superior side, they would have made themselves much more susceptible to the kinds of chances Lukaku capitalized on. I not saying the US played well.

That’s you, John Dough. The Russians were meddling a[……]

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At first I thought it was the petcock for some reason, so I brought a new one. This makes me think the tank does have something to do with it.


He wants to say that commit B is the only child of the only child of . Of the only child of commit A, so to merge B into A it is sufficient to move the ref A to point to commit B. Why this direction should be called “upstream” rather than “downstream”, or why the geometry o[……]

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