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The no nos seem to be T shirts with printing (though the gay male contingent in Montpllier wear D T shirts) and jeans though lots of students wear jeans. Women wear skirts or pants, not shorts unless they are trying to attract business. Lots of people wear sandals if you do, please don’t wear socks with them!


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The basic winter coat available in black is a huge hit among Club Monaco fans. Made using the best quality of wool and cashmere, it keeps you warm not to salvatore ferragamo crocodile loafers forget the extra two side pockets for that sudden dip in temperature. The design and colours are understated yet trendy when worn with casual clothes, while going to work, or over a dressy suit.


Children need to protect their eyes as much, if not more than adults. UV protections during the developmental years are especially important to life long retinal health. It is essential to get children to develop healthy eyewear habits as soon as possible to foster life long focus on their health.

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