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Civilian engineering by military troopsThe Roman army also took part in building projects for civilian use. There were sound reasons for the use of the army in building projects: primarily, that if they weren’t directly engaged in military campaigns, the legions were largely unproductive, costing the Roman state large sums of money. But the involvement of the soldiers in building works, kept them not only well accustomed to hard physical labour, but also kept them busy, since it was the widely held belief that busy armies weren’t plotting to mutiny, whereas idle armies were.


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I think and Bill Sweeney is sitting here and I’ll let him answer that question. He’s been around. He’s older than me but he’s been around longer than me in this industry.

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Good luck getting a job up there, your best bet would be spring hill working health care for the mass population of retirees. The hillbillies are going to be up in your face in form of the police and neighbors and any form of office of power. You won make a change up there political wise, the folks in Brooksville is deeeeeep Republican out of homage of that is their grand old party even if it salvatore ferragamo loafers womens votes against their best interest and two Democrats from up north won change the tide.

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