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The Hudson River School landscape painter Robert S. Duncanson was one of the first important African American painters. John James Audubon, an ornothologist whose paintings documented birds, was one of the most important naturalist artists in America.

However, they have now become one of the most desirous items in a man’s wardrobe. They are now worn at all kinds of gatherings whether casual and formal. Men’s boots may have initially been worn only for practical purposes like protection against harsh terrain and cold weather.

My current thoughts are creating maps that roughly map out the empire in terms of economic and military pros and cons, along the same level as the game Civilization, and ask them to create their ideal Roman Empire based on a series of challenges. I’ve also considered using the Vindolanda tablets as a pattern for a writing challenge based on an imaginary late occupation of the fort and the Wall, in which they would consider their own background as a Roman soldier and the changed empire around them. Many of those roads are the major highway system today.

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