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edit 2: here the statement given to the media a few hours after the killing. I think it is important to note that, even at this time in the investigation, this woman knew that the man killed was a double amputee in a wheelchair, he had only one arm and one leg (so to say he was cornering the officers while at the same time using his arm to wave an object is complete bullshit, unless he was waiving with his hand and using his dick to move the wheelchair), salvatore ferragamo women’s shoes on sale she knew he was shot in the back of the head at point blank range, and she knew the object he was waving was a ballpoint pen. These facts were obfuscated from the public by the Houston Police and it wasn until journalists and reports uncovered the facts that the public was made aware.


I was giving it my 100% but whenever I would have meetings with my boss for guidance, she would be vague, and evasive, and say “I don’t know” when I asked her questions. That dynamic caused me a lot of stress and frustration. When I submitted drafts for her to review, she would discuss my drafts with a colleague (who has never worked on the project) and have the colleague micromanage me which I consider disrespectful because first of all, why can’t she just communicate her issues with my draft directly to me


Like this and pull it apart to find somewhere to run some wires to the HiFi input. An FM transmitter is an option but clumsy and low quality strictly a last resort. There must be a better way. Also, I have met young girls who have been married off to men much older to them. Law follows the principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. So prove it and I will agree to you.

It’s not the editors’ fault because they just aren’t hired to do the work any more. They are got rid of in house and then they don’t even seem to go half way and use freelancers. It drives me mad reading books (as an editor myself) and it’s hard to convince self publishers to use editors when they see such bad quality in published books, too!


“A joint working group set up to tackle cybercrime abruptly stopped meeting after American prosecutors filed hacking charges against several Chinese military officers,” reported the New York Times. “Mr. Obama raised the issue of cybercrime with Mr.

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